The Orchard Church

The Greatest Story Ever (Week 31)


  • Do you like or dislike change? What do you wish would never change? What are some good changes? What are some bad changes
  • Read Malachi 3:6 and James 1:17 What are some things about God that do not change? Are there any aspects of God’s character or ways that do change?
  • Why is the doctrine of God’s “immutability” (the fact that he does not change) so important?
  • How is this doctrine good news? How is it bad news?
  • There are verses that say God changed his mind, God repented, God was sorry.... For example, read Jonah 3:10 and Genesis 6:6. How do you explain that an unchanging God changes his mind? (Hint: God responds to changing conditions and situations by presenting different aspects of his character and plan. He responds to us as we respond to him).
  • What difference will it make to know that God does not change?