The Orchard Church

The Greatest Story Ever (Week 38)


  • Read Acts 9:1-18 as a group. What stands out to you in this story? What questions does it raise? Who do you most identify with - Saul or Ananias? Why?
  • Why do you think God invited Ananias to be part of Saul’s story when He could have accomplished all He wanted to alone?
  • What is your most memorable “whisper” from God? How did you respond?
  • How do you most often hear from God? (Scripture, other people, circumstances, etc).
  • How do you discern whether or not you are hearing from God?
  • Share an instance when you said “yes” to God - and when you said “no.”
  • What typically hinders you from saying “yes, Lord,” when God prompts you to do something? In other words, what most often acts as a hindrance to your obedience?