The Orchard Church

What's an Elder?

Discussion Questions

  • How are church leaders like CEOs? Considering the nature of a church and God’s definition of success, how are church leaders different from CEOs?
  • Why is faithfulness in marriage so important for a church elder? What is the connection between sexual purity and suitability for leadership in secular organizations?
  • Do you know a man who seems to be leadership material, but his children are rebellious? How is he attempting to deal with them? Are the challenges he faces in his family different from what he would encounter in a church? How so?
  • What is the difference between being blameless and being perfect?
  • If an elder is ultimately accountable to God, how does he also serve people? How do people benefit if their elder is obedient to God? How is a leader's accountability to God evaluated and enforced?
  • Are elders held to a different standard than the rest of the church? Why?
  • What might a church become if the elders fail to encourage? What if they fail to rebuke?
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