The Transformational Church

Identity Crisis: Who Am I?

This sermon preached by Pastor Alex Jackson talks about the Identity Crisis the people of God are being faced with today. Pastor Alex breaks down how the church has somehow, someway lost our true God-given Identity. In the words of Pastor Alex, "Perhaps this is a case of Identity Theft." Pastor Alex explains how Satan has come to steal away the identity of the Christians and cause us to miss out on the fullness of our purpose in life. But Pastor Alex reminds the church of our true Identity. He comes from the book of John Ch. 15 telling us that we are the Friends of God. He lets us know that 1 Peter 2:9 declares us as God's chosen people. Finally he comes from 2 Corinthians 2:14 reminding us that we are victorious people. This is a sermon that will provide the people of God with the confidence to go get back their identity and everything else Satan has stolen from them. It will bless you.