The Supremacy of Christ

Scripture: Colossians 1.15-23 [Jeff used NLT]


1. Why does Paul take the time to give such a thorough description of the qualities of Christ?
2. What are the those qualities?
3. Which one would you use to defend the divinity of Jesus? The humanity of Jesus?
4. What is Christ's relationship to God? To creation? To the church? To us?
5. Where in this passage do you see "The Gospel?" Do you have a an adequate understanding of what that term means? Could you share it with an unbelieving person? If not, see if someone in your group can demonstrate how this would be done.
6. What difference does a true understanding of Jesus Christ make?
7. Focus on verse 22. If you have received Christ at any point in your life, do you believe you are holy and blameless in the sight of God? Why or why not?
8. Focus on verse 23. How firmly are you standing in the good news of the message about Christ? Where are you drifting? Spend time in prayer, asking God to make or keep you strong, and to reveal his truth to you daily, impressing it on your mind and heart constantly.

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