Trinity Baptist Church

Entering Through the Narrow Gate (Matt 7:13-14)

When senators and others want us to revoke our testimony that Jesus is the only way to the Father, they are asking us to blaspheme our King and savior. Yet that will be demanded of us. Therefore, if we are going to stick out our necks for the word of Christ, we had better know what he was saying. With that in mind, we now turn to Matthew 7:13-14 to hear what Jesus has to say about the way to heaven. The first thing to notice is that Jesus commands people to enter through the narrow gate. We must take either the narrow path or the wide path; we are not allowed to sit on the fence. A choice must be made. Jesus then describes those two options. There is the broad path which is easy yet leads to destruction, and there is the narrow path which is difficult yet leads to eternal life