Trinity Baptist Church

Judging (Matt 7:1-6)

If there is one inviolable truth preached by our culture, it is "Do not judge." However, in order to determine that judging is wrong, we must make a judgment about judging. We cannot escape judging, no matter how hard we try. Reason, along with the context of Matthew 7 and Scripture as a whole, makes it evident that Jesus is not issuing a blanket prohibition against any and all critical decision making. Rather, Jesus is condemning a certain kind of judging. We shall see in these verses that Jesus is speaking about the kind of judging that condemns a person presumptuously. His command is accompanied with a reason why we should not so judge. Then he exhorts us to engage in rigorous self-examination before we look to the faults of others. Finally, Jesus will instruct us on a right way to judge.