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Mold Me

He said, "Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?" declares the Lord. "Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel. Jeremiah 18:6
By now you have read the scripture and voiced the following prayers; "Search Me God, Break Me God." I pray that his week you have added to your prayer "Mold Me God".
3 questions to consider;
  • If I believe God is truly the Potter and I am the clay, at what point did I begin to believe as the clay, I have the RIGHT to object to what the potter (God) wants to do with my life?
  • If I believe God is the potter and I am the clay, what happens if I am BONE DRY clay?  You know...all dried up, hard, bone dry!
  • If I believe God is the Potter and I am the clay, why do I continue to play the comparison game?
The people of Judah were living in total and complete rebellion. Idol worship, stubborn and evil hearts, self-centered, they were actually scheming on how they could murder Jeremiah.
Jeremiah is a prophet to Judah for 40 years.  That's a career. In our western culture today, you have a job for 40 years...and you get to retire.  They're giving you a plaque and a check.  Now you may be asking, why does that even matter? Because for 40 years, Jeremiah preached, and proclaimed, and called on His people to repent, and do you know what? There is not a single record of even one person repenting and turning back to God. So when Jeremiah goes to the potter's house - and he observes this beautiful imagery of an artist, crafting, and molding, and shaping the clay, God says to Jeremiah, "Can I not do with you..."
God is waiting to mold you into His image.  He desires to hold you in His hand like a lump of pliable, bendable, workable and flexible clay.  Are you ready?
Pastor Jeff
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