Union Avenue Baptist Church


"...Rejoice with me..." Luke 15:6, 9, 24

Friends, it is time to REJOICE!!!  Over the past 9 months we have seen, heard, and embraced two words "Welcome Home"  God has provided so much for the family of faith at Union Avenue during this 3rd quarter;
  • Consistent attendance on Sunday Mornings.
  • 40-55 average attendance on Wednesday Evenings.
  • 4 new households joining our membership.
  • 1 baptism as a result of Children's camp
  • Giving projections has hit budget needs 10 out of the 12 weeks for all income received.
  • Daycare ministries continues to stay full.
  • Sr. Adult Ministries traveled to more facilities to sing and share the Gospel then in previous summers.  
  • Student Ministries has had great involvement with Crossroads Ministry.
  • An outstanding response to mission commitment during the month of September!
So again I say...it is time to REJOICE!!!  Each week of Worship during this year has added an additional building block to the foundation that was placed on January 7th, of "Welcome Home"  From the treasure we discovered in Titus, the Easter series about the "Wondrous Cross", a dialogue by the prophet Habakkuk, the childhood teaching series, the summer series in Psalms, and observing God's healing of our scars, everything that has been done has been leading up to..."Connecting The Lost." via ministry and missions.  How is God utilizing you to connect your community to His community?

As we finish up this calendar year let's do so with a continued focus on God and everything that He continues to do in our individual life and in the collective ministries of our church! 
Pastor Jeff
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