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The list of costal cities and their continued disobedience was long. Yes, they had turned their backs on God, and yes, they were disobedient, but God was offering them redemption, and it appears, in 2:7, that God believed they would return to Him. He tells us that He would, in fact, return to them. Not only did He believe that the nation would return to Him, He also thought they would “fear Him and accept correction” (3:7). The nation of Judah, in knowing God’s word, continued to be warned against their disobedience as the prophecy continued into chapter 3. In spite of that, they continue to revel in their pride and self-confidence, functionally rejecting God and serving themselves instead. 

God’s judgement and disappointment of His chosen people in the Old Testament is an oft recorded theme and occurrence. “He rescued them many times, but they continued to rebel deliberately and were beaten down by their sin” (Ps 106: 43). The psalmist records this general frustration with the people of Israel in one single verse. However, this verse could also be used to describe our own individual life.  How many times has God rescued you? How often have you been disobedient, ignored God’s discipline, failed to trust Him, and refused to spend time with Him?  When we read the prophecies of Zephaniah, we could very well be looking into a vault of our own life.

No matter how reckless, untrusting or disobedient we may be, there is still grace, love, and acceptance (3:7). And this is why I enjoy reading the Old Testament.  God places judgement, exhibits frustration and yet grace is extended. When reading the prophets it reminds me that God, while disappointed with me will always be faithful with His saving grace and love for not only myself but for all that call upon him as Lord of their life!

As we worship today and gather at the table, take a moment to praise The Lord for the grace that He continues to exhibit in your life.  Pastor Jeff 

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