Vancouver First Baptist

Empowering Hope

Have you ever heard it said, “The battles of life are won or lost between our ears? This is a statement regarding what we think about, what has become the influences that direct us and what we choose to place our hope in. Peter is writing to believers who are going through some really tough times. What will get them through these tough times? What they focus their thoughts on and what they place their hope in. He is calling them to an aggressive use of their minds with a specific and overwhelming “Hope” focus: The grace of God that is now and will be brought to us in Christ. Many are feeling “hopeless” today and that may be a good thing. Peter says, “We are still operating on our “Old Schematics” that are part of our ignorance (lack of knowledge). Many are placing their hope in shallow and temporal things that are not Christ Himself. But His grace can and does touch all areas of life and is powerfully available every day right up and including when we enter into His presence. So, where is your hope placed today? Are you willing to “aggressively discipline your mind” and fix it on the grace that flows from Christ to us? It is what we need. It never diminishes… becomes outdated… falls short of what we need. How can you take a new step in the renewing your mind to increase your mind to be more fixed on the Lord’s unmerited grace?
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