Vancouver First Baptist

Following The Heavenly Compass

We all have a sense of right and wrong. In my theology class it was called the “moral argument” for the existence of God. Yet people’s moral compass can be far from the will of God. Peter is reminding us that this world in not really our home but where the Lord is. We often try so hard to fit in here and want to make this life what true life is all about and it just isn’t. We are strangers here and sojourners. That means our stay here is very temporary. And while we are here we are part of God’s display of what people are like who have heaven as their true home. This is to show up in our actions, relationships and attitudes. It is part of what the Lord uses in bringing people to Himself. Sometimes it is not easy here nor where we promised it would be; and the good life here was not promised to us. We were told that there are times if we are really living for the Lord that we will encounter criticism and various types of persecution. But may we rejoice in that we get to bear it for the name of Christ and hopefully be a part of God’s drawing people into a saving relationship with Himself.
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