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God The Provision

I was overwhelmed at how many truths Peter includes in the first 21 verses of chapter one about God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the recipients of this letter, the messengers God has used to bring them the gospel, the gospel, Scripture, Angels, time frames, things to affect thinking, emotions, faith, belief and hope responses… etc (please see attached). I began highlighting these and connecting them with lines and they are numerous. Thank You Lord for all this truth! Peter lands on a subject that needs to receive more time… the fear of the Lord. We hear often how we are to try and deal with our many fears in this life. Yet there is a chief fear that must remain… the fear of God. It seems like we have stretched grace so far and thin that we have ignored this fear. In studying OT and NT passages we will find that one of the key elements of fearing the Lord is summarized in obeying Him. Many say it really means “reverencing Hm.” This is true but this does not mean talking in King James language, talking quietly, or bowing you head down in some kind of religious posture. It means you show you reverence/fear Him by realizing you don’t trifle with Him but do what He says. Grace never excuses obedience. Follow along while we explore this further.
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