Victory Christian Fellowship

A STUDY OF DIVINE HEALING – An Examination of 1 Peter 2:24

To receive divine healing from God it is important that we have revelation knowledge of His Word (Romans 10:17), as opposed to man’s opinions, theories, or traditions (Mark 7:7-8). Some would say that 1 Peter 2:24, “by Jesus’ stripes you were healed” is only speaking of “spiritual” healing and not physical healing. But what do the Scriptures say and clearly teach? Join us for another powerful session of Healing School! “These Scriptures make it certain that Christ made provision in His atonement for the bodies of His followers. Healing for the body is manifestly a Gospel provision; and its Author alone can revoke it. Of course, unbelief will deprive any individual of this Gospel provision.” (The Worrell New Testament) Expanded translation of Matthew 8:17& I Peter 2:24: “Jesus Himself laid hold of, received, accepted and took (in order to carry away and remove) our feebleness of body and mind, our disease, infirmity, sickness, frailty and weakness, and Jesus carried away, removed, took up, bore and lifted with the idea of removal our maladies, disabilities, diseases, infirmities and sicknesses... and by His bleeding stripe, His bruise, His wound we were healed, cured and made whole.”
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