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A Study of Divine Healing: An Examination of Isaiah 53:4-5 Pt 2

A STUDY OF DIVINE HEALING: An Examination of Isaiah 53:4-5– Some would say that physical healing is not in Christ's atoning work on the Cross. But… what do the Scriptures say? After all, that’s what counts. God's Word is the final authority. When you study the Scriptures for themselves it becomes very clear: God's will is healing and health. Join us as we study the Word of God on this vital and important subject. It could change your life! “However you see Jesus in the 53rdof Isaiah, you are seeing Him in the last 24 hours of His earthly life, bearing whatever is spoken so the reader need not bear them.” (C. H. Spurgeon) “He was made sick for men as He was made sin for them. The idea is that He became the sick offering as well as the sin offering for man… He did not personally experience all the sicknesses and diseases, but He became sick in the sense of becoming an offering for sickness. He made atonement for sin and all its effects. Both sin and sickness were a part of the one curse, and both became a part of the one redemption. Christ atoned for and made provision for sickness to be healed, as well as for sin to be forgiven. (Dake’s Reference Bible)
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