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Don't Give Up, Faint or Quit - You're Going To Make It!

DON'T GIVE UP, FAINT OR QUIT - You're Going To Make It!: – In the “day of adversity,” the real problem is not actually the “adversity,” the real problem is not even one’s “fainting,” but the actual problem, the source of the problem, is that one is not “strong.” If we are going to overcome in the day of adversity, we must be strong – Biblically strong. How can you be strong in the day of adversity? Find out this Sunday! “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10); “If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small.” (NLT) “Trying to do the lord’s work in your own strength is the most confusing, exhausting, and tedious of all work. But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then the ministry of Jesus just flows out of you.” – Corrie ten Boom “When a man has no strength, if he leans on God, he becomes powerful.” - D.L. Moody