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Faith... And The Will of God

FAITH… AND THE WILL OF GOD – Jesus said that “according to your faith it will be done to you.” (Mt. 9:22, 29) However, much of the church world, and religion, has changed that into “according to God's will, and you never know.” But that's not what Jesus taught - yet it’s what many believe. A lot of things are the will of God but are not happening. If it is according to our faith, then that would explain why a lot of things are not happening. Sadly, then people blame God. It is so important that we know the will of God and that we have true Bible faith. Don’t miss this. It may upend some of your theology and traditions, but change your life for the better! “Prayer is this: God desires to do a certain thing, yet He will not do it alone. He waits until men on earth pray for this thing, and only then will He do it. Though He has His own will and mind and strongly desires to meet our needs, He waits for men to pray. It is not that God does not know our need, but rather, that He will supply our need only after we have prayed.” (Watchman Nee) “You will have what your faith expects! Because you dared to believe your faith has healed you… be free from your suffering” (The Passion) "Become what you believe." (The Message)
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