Victory Christian Fellowship

Hear... And Be Healed

HEAR…AND BE HEALED!– Father God wants us healed, healthy and whole. He desires “shalom” (completeness, wholeness, nothing-broken-nothing-missing) for each of His beloved children. How do we experience and walk in this shalom? Did you know that “hearing” is a key, vital part to it all – not only what you hear but also how you hear? The Bible tells us that,Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.The people came to Jesus to “hear and be healed.” Find out more as Healing School 102 begins! Rise and be healed in the Name of Jesus! "Surely, certainly, truly, verily, firmly, without a doubt, indeed He (Jesus) has borne, lifted, carried away, taken away, cast away and erased our griefs, sicknesses, illnesses, anxieties, maladies, diseases and calamities, and carried, borne the burden so that others might be free, and transported our sorrows, pain, anguish and affliction… the chastisement needful to obtain peace (shalom), well-being, completeness, fulfillment, wholeness, soundness, health, safety, calmness, rest and quiet, and a restored relationship with God and others, for us was upon Him, and with His stripes, wounds and blows we are healed, mended, cured, repaired and made whole!". (An expanded translation of Isaiah 53:4-5)
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