Victory Christian Fellowship

Jesus Heals Today

JESUS HEALS TODAY!– We all know that Jesus healed in New Testament times, but the Good News is that He still heals today! He has not changed. He is the same. God loves you and desires that you be whole – spirit, soul and body. Healing is offered to you today. Physical - and emotional - healing has been made available through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Come and find out more… “Jesus Himself laid hold of, received, accepted and took (in order to carry away and remove) our feebleness of body and mind, our disease, infirmity, sickness, frailty and weakness, and Jesus carried away, removed, took up, bore and lifted with the idea of removal our maladies, disabilities, diseases, infirmities and sicknesses... and by His bleeding stripe, His bruise, His wound we were healed, cured and made whole.” (Expanded translation of Matthew 8:17 and I Peter 2:24)