Victory Christian Fellowship

Show Us The Father

SHOW US THE FATHER! (Healing School): Faith begins where the will of God is known. How do we know, for sure, that God's will is healing? We look at Jesus, the perfect, full expression of the will of the Father. Jesus said, “Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father.” When we see Jesus, we see the will of God. That is clear and plain in Scripture. Find out more in this week’s Healing School lesson! Prayer for the sick and hurting in each service. God loves you and wants you healed! “One reason God can be so easily discredited is because people don’t know Him by His Word. The only way you can truly know anything about God is through the Bible. Everybody on the earth has an opinion about what God is like and what He will do. But the only thing He gave us to know Him – and the only source that is truly reliable – is His written Word. “Most Christians don’t read God’s Word on a regular basis. They just get a little here and there – maybe some from a preacher on TV and a little on Sunday morning from their church. but that is not going to be enough to make a real difference in their life, and specifically in their understanding of God and His nature.” (Andrew Wommack, The Nature of God)
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