Victory Christian Fellowship

Strong Faith: How You Can Have It

STRONG FAITH - How You Can Have It - The Bible gives us several characteristics of “strong faith.” The good news is you can have strong faith by doing what it says. Some would think it’s very difficult, or too hard, or unattainable, but it’s not! God’s grace, God’s Spirit, and God’s Word have been given to you that you might walk in strong faith. Find out more! If we are going to continue in grace as the Lord desires, we must continue in the Word of His grace. We will want to read it prayerfully day by day. We will want to study it regularly for increased understanding. We will want to meditate upon it often for growing implications and applications. Above all, we will want to be in the Word consistently that we might get to know the Christ of the Word. In knowing Him more, His mighty grace will properly impact our lives. (Day By Day By Grace)