Victory Christian Fellowship

The Anointing - What and Why?

THE ANOINTING – What & Why?– We hear about “the anointing” but what is it, what is it for, who is it for, and how does it operate? Do you understand the anointing and the need for it in your life to live victoriously and successfully fulfill the will of God, run the race, and finishing your course? When it comes to the anointing, there are typically two mistakes people make: 1. Undervaluing it, or 2. Over-spiritualizing it. Find out more! The anointing: “The act of applying something to a man for a certain purpose, to meet a certain condition.”) An empowerment, an enabling, of the Holy Spirit to do His will in a certain area. The manifest presence of God; His tangible touch resulting in the uplifting of His people. “A special touch for a specific task.” The yoke-destroying, burden-removing power of God (Isa.10:27) God on flesh doing what only God can do.