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Giving God Your Leftovers


Malachi 1:6-14

Part 4

"Giving God Your Leftovers"

We give God our best when we:

1.   Cease the pattern of living that displeases God.

God is displeased with:

  • Prideful attitudes
  • Polluted actions

2.   Check to see if what you give to God is what He demands.

Two questions to ask before we give to God:

  • Would it be it accepted by our governor?
  • Does it ascribe glory to God?

If the answer is no then:

  • God is not pleased
  • We have unanswered prayer
  • God would rather close the place down

3.    Commit to living a life that is dedicated to God.

This dedication involves:

  • Giving God what he deserves.
  • Giving to God what you have declared.
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