Village Bible Church | OLD

Pure Living in an Impure World | Part 6

If we want to please God, then we will...

1.  Grow in our walk.
     Which requires us to...
        A.  Acknowledge our failures.
        B.  Accept His plan.
        C.  Alter our course.

2.  Embrace His will.
     Requires us to...
        A.  Consciously abstain from sexual immorality.
        B.  Control our passion.
     Remember that we were...
        C.  Changed when we trusted in Christ.
     And we need to...
        D.  Consider the rights of others.

3.  Heed His warning.
     Requires us to...
        A.  Rely on the Spirit.
        B.  Run from temptation.
        C.  Repent when you fall.
        D.  Romance your spouse.
        E.  Ready your kids for the fight.

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