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Battle - Part 1

Battle – Part 1


Exodus 17



The enemy’s two main battle tactics:





            Three major elements of fear:


1.              Danger


Mythbuster – God never told us He would keep us from danger. He told us His grace would be sufficient for us.


2.              Risk


Mythbuster – There can be no risk with God. The riskiest place for a believer to live is disengaged from God’s Kingdom.


3.              Pain


Mythbuster – Jesus never said that life in the Kingdom of God would be comfortable.




            Three major areas of deceit:


1.              He questions the character of God.  Gen. 3:1

2.              He attacks the truth of God.                        Gen. 3:4

3.              He seeks to define us                                    Gen. 3:5





Exodus 17:8-13

2 Timothy 1:7

1 John 8:44

Genesis 3:1-5 

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