Open House Fellowship

Storms and Miracles

Mark Storms and Miracles Mark 4: 35 - 6:6 Feb. 26, 2017 Open House Fellowship 1. Four Storms and Four Amazing Miracles A. Calming the Stormy Sea Mark 4:35-41 (v.40) B. Calming the demon Storm 5:1-20 (v.15-17) C. Calming the Storm of Disease 5:25-34 (v.33) D. Calming the Storm of Death 5:21-24/35-43 (v.36) 2. No Amazing Miracles A. They are Astonished and Offended by Jesus v.2-3 B. They Reject Jesus v.4 C. The Storm of Unbelief v.5 - 6



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