Warden Community Church

Chipping Away

During Our Journey Together,
God is working on us
1 John 3:1-2 (we are in process)

v1a God calls us in love
1b realize our new identity
v2a we *are*, AND *will become*
2b shaped to be like Jesus
We are working WITH God
1 John 3:3-7 (we participate in the process)

v3 we share in God's shaping
v4/5 Jesus carries away our rubble
v6 consistently choosing sin over Christ? Not His!
v7 the righteous DO right BECAUSE Jesus is at work
His righteousness works its way out in us when we cooperate with it; when we live as identifying Christ at work in us, we see God at work in us, and join Him in it – and that work is making us to be more like Jesus.