Wellington Church (OLD)

Does It Matter To a Holy God How We Approach Him?

Sermon Scripture:

1 Samuel 6:1-21

English Standard Version (ESV)

The Ark Returned to Israel

The ark of the Lord was in the country of the Philistines seven months. And the Philistines called for the priests and the diviners and said, “What shall we do with the ark of the Lord? Tell us with what we shall send it to its place....”

Sermon Outline:

I. They Don't Send the Ark Back Empty

  A. They Acknowledge YHWH's Word

  B. They Apologize with an Offering
II. They have a Sense of Confidence

  A. That YHWH Will Show Mercy in the Context of Repentance

  B. That Their Desire to Obey His Word Will Result in Compassion
III. They Seek to Know if They Have Pleased the Lord
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