Wellington Church (OLD)

Judgment Delayed is not Justice Denied

Sermon Outline:

I. Judgment for David's Polygamy is not Immediate

  A. God's blessings are not the plumb line for morality, but the results of His mercy

  B. God's word is the plumb line for morality, so obey it regardless of circumstances

  C. God's laws establish the principle for sowing and reaping, so be not deceived


II. Judgment for Abner's Rebellion is about to Come Due

  A. Abner's rebellious plan to rule as Israel's king is disrupted

  B. Abner's true intentions and ambitions are exposed

  C. Abner's covenant with David leaves him with a false sense of security


Lessons Learned:

1) If you are enjoying great blessing in this life by the mercies of God and you are living in rebellion to His word be not deceived God is not mocked; there is a period of time between the sowing and the reaping.

2) If you are obedient and faithful yet you struggle because we live in a fallen world & life seems to be unfair to you: wait on the Lord; trust in His word.

3) If we were to reap the righteous judgment our sinful seeds of rebellion deserve ... we'd all be in hell today ... experiencing the just wrath we've earned. But we are not because the Lord is so merciful, gracious; long-suffering that's what makes the cross so incredible.

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