Willow Park Church (old)


A.W. Tozer, in his book, The Pursuit of God shared this prayer: "Lord, I would trust You completely; I would be altogether Yours; I would exalt You above all. I desire that I may feel no sense of possessing anything outside of You. I want constantly to be aware of Your overshadowing Presence and to hear Your speaking Voice. I long to live in restful sincerity of heart. I want to live so fully in the Spirit that all my thought may be as sweet incense ascending to You and every act of my life may be an act of worship. Therefore I pray in the words of Your great servant of old, ‘I beseech You so for to cleanse the intent of mine heart with the unspeakable gift of Your grace, that I may perfectly love You and worthily praise You.’ And all this I confi dently believe You will grant me through the merits of Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen."

Key Passage: Matthew 5:33-37

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