Willow Park Church (old)

From home to...

Patrice Nagant is the director for church-planting for our Mennonite Brethren Churches in the province of Quebec.  You will be inspired today by God's story in Patrice's life, and the exciting work that is happening in Quebec.

I have come to know Patrice over the past several years as a passionate follower of Jesus, as well as a man who deeply loves the people of Quebec. When Jesus left us with the mandate to make disciples, He also left a strategy; (Acts 1:8) start close to home, then move from home to...Judea, Samaria and ultimately to the end of the earth.

Quebec represents for us one of the clearest images of the "Samaria" context; literally a nation within the nation, with its own language and customs but most importantly, beautiful people who matter to Jesus!

My prayer for this weekend is that you'll be inspired by the partnerships we have in this least reached province of Canada.

- Pastor Mark