Willow Park Church (old)

Greater Than?

As we come to the end of our road trip journey, we are faced with the question 'who is the greatest in the kingdom of God?’

I returned this Tuesday from the United Kingdom, having spent five days speaking at a festival. Night after night people discovered the true meaning of life and chose to follow Jesus. But, the big news in the UK was the launch of the X-Factor, and out of the many thousands of applicants who dream of becoming an international rock star and recording artist, only one will be left remaining. Status, ambition, drive and of course talent will be the buzz words of the show. Whether it is X- Factor, Canadian Idol or America's Got Talent, so many are seeking instant status and fame. As indeed the disciples in today’s passage did.

Jesus spoke about the power of servanthood, the willingness to become as a child, and the call to lay down our lives for Him. Not an easy message in the 21st century, but one that can radically change our lives.