Willow Park Church (old)

He Reigns!

Revelation 20 is one of the most debated texts in our study - NOT because the imagery is difficult to understand - BUT because of the various perspectives on WHEN these events will take place!

As we press into our study this weekend, I would beg of each of you to hold these things loosely. There are some key certainties that all schools of interpretation agree on - namely - that Jesus Christ WILL return and that we will spend eternity in a world described as "the new heavens and earth." The exact timing of the events that precede the "end" is hotly debated by some.

What I'm afraid we've missed in all our debating is the central focus of the text! Namely, that Jesus Christ reigns! And that we've got a job to do! This weekend we'll try to make some sense out of the major schools of thought in regard to the timing of the "end" events. But more than anything, my prayer is that Jesus Christ would be lifted up!