Willow Park Church (old)

His story...my story...

"Mission is not primarily an activity of the church but an attribute of God. God is a missionary God. It is not the church that has a mission of salvation to fulfill in the world; it is the mission of the Son and the Spirit through the Father that includes the church."(Source: Wikipedia)

Evangelism is a key issue that we need to talk about as individuals and as a church family. When you conisder the pendulum of "preaching the story" vs. "living the story", where do you think most of us fall?

Key Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:21

As part of this six week series , we are hoping you will be able to do three things - listen - read - and talk! Listen to the messages (at services on the weekend or online), read the daily devotional (subscribe to the email version), and talk about it at a small group (find a group in your neighbourhood & sign up here!)

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