Willow Park Church (old)

Vital Signs: Life

Some passages in Scripture seem just to big to preach. Either the language is so grandiose or the meaning so deep that a preacher can hardly do it justice. But I read a commentary this week that said, "Texts do not always have to be mastered.There is immense value in taking the hand of a congregation and leading it up close to a huge passage where it can stand with face upturned in awe and wonder. What so many sermons lack is not truth or clarity or relevance, but size."

And so, with that in mind, this weekend let's dive into this huge passage and gaze at it ‘in awe and wonder' and marvel at just what God has done for us! We don't want to reduce a text such as this to just three points and a poem! There is so much more here that God would have us see! His grace has rescued us from the terrible mess we have made of our lives, and restores us to a life of purpose and joy - that he has prepared us for in advance!