Willow Park Church (old)

Why Worry?

Will I trust my heavenly Father to take care of me?  OR will I take matters into my own hands?

Balancing my responsibility to work hard, give generously, save regularly, and spend wisely with an absolute confidence that God is my provider is a difficult balance for all of us to maintain.  It is so easy to begin to believe that we have to look after ourselves, and to become consumed with "having enough."

Jesus challenges us to put our trust in Him alone and to give up the useless habit of worry…easy to say ... hard to live out!

Key Passage: Matthew 6:19-34

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John Lim

Thank you Pastor Burch for portraying this sermon onto this website! I have been restlessly been worrying about talking in front of people or presenting myself in front of a class. When i am in a certain situation to present, i feel that powerful anxiety reaction to my body. These reactions would include shuddering, stuttering, shaking, and the feeling of being weak. I have been desperately been finding the answer to this solution and as my father as said before, "Its god that you need!". Amen to that. I have been searching aimlessly for a good passage or sermon that would help me enlighten my view on god onto my life. Tomorrow i am going to present in front of my class and i pray to god that he will give me strength. Thanks to your sermon, it has related to my situation and yet again opened up my eyes.

If you wish to contact me my email address is johnxrules@gmail.com God bless you!