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The Seven Verbs of Discipleship is a disciple making tool created by Justin Ulmer; it consists of seven principles that point to the ongoing actions of effective disciples of Jesus Christ. 

The 1st Verb of Discipleship:  Receive
The free gift of God's love is available to all.  And like a healthy vineyard, God's love always produces fruit.  Therefore, the first requirement of establishing a vineyard is to obtain a piece of land.  The rich and fertile hill described in the Isaiah 5:1-2 represents what God has to offer; a rich abundant life where good things grow.  And like any gift, it must be received to be enjoyed. 

How is Receiving an act of discipleship?
The first and most essential step in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is to receive what God is offering; the rich and fertile hill of a life lived with him.  We receive this life when we accept Jesus for who He is: our personal Lord and Savior, our Shelter and Strength, our Rock and Redeemer.  This simple action, receiving the free gift of Christ's love, is the foundation of discipleship.  Once this initial decision is made to receive Christ's love, we must then be willing to make it again and again as we begin to learn who God really is and who he created us to be.

The Seven Verbs of Discipleship
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