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The Seven Verbs of Discipleship is a disciple making tool created by Justin Ulmer; it consists of seven principles that point to the ongoing actions of effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

The 6th Verb of Discipleship:  Use
Every good vineyard requires a winepress.  The winepress is where the fruit that the vineyard produces is taken and transformed into something useful, profitable and good.  To carve a winepress means to use what we've been given.

How is Using an act of discipleship?
Every person on this planet was born with natural gifts and talents.  These natural gifts are to be used: to provide for ourselves, to provide for our families, and to give back to our community.  Likewise, when we are reborn with Christ, we are given new, supernatural gifts and talents. These supernatural gifts are to be used: to testify about who God is, to bless the church, to make disciples, and to praise the Lord.

The Seven Verbs of Discipleship
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